Final results of the selection process 2016.1.

The Graduate Program in Applied Informatics of Rural Federal University of Pernambuco comes to present the final results of your selection process for entry into 2016.1. The final list of names of successful candidates (classified and unclassified) and reprobates are presented in two lists, one of the candidates not employees of UFRPE  and a list of candidates UFRPE employees.For approved candidates classifieds, we remember that they should make  the registration in the days 07,08 and 09 of March 2016 to confirm their intention to conduct the Master's degree in applied informatics in PPGIA / UFRPE. If he does not perform his registration, shall be deemed a waiver and new candidates approved. but unclassified, be called up to the exhaustion of all possible places available, followed by strict order of ranking the selection process 2016.1.Regards,The Evaluation Committee of the selection process 2016.1